Terra Nostra Garden Partners with the Mike Davis brand

11 April 18
Mike Davis is a 100% Portuguese brand of casual clothing with a strong connection to sports such as tennis, windsurfing, surfing, golf, sailing and horseball.
Terra Nostra Garden has partnered with Mike Davis for its Spring/Summer 2018 collection.
Source:Mike Davis

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel awarded again by Boa Cama Boa Mesa

28 March 18
Since 2014, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is among the best Hotels in Portugal, being the only awarded accordingly in the Azores Islands. This year attending the awards ceremony were Patricia Bensaude (President of the Bensaude Group) and Marta Sousa Pires (Executive Manager of Bensaude Turismo).
Source:Boa Cama Boa Mesa

Terra Nostra: sheer cuisine excellence

26 March 18
A complexity in the dishes from their delicate confection to the refined presentation heightened by the senses of smell and sight, the best wine cellar in the Azores and a service of excellence is how "The Gastronomic Critique of Clean Dishes" by Maria Freitas in Diário dos Açores describes Terra Nostra Garden Hotel’s TN Restaurant.
Source:Diário dos Açores - Pratos Limpos

Continente Modelo continues to be the most economical supermarket chain in the Azores

14 March 18
Continente Modelo remains the leader in Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Angra do Heroísmo as the most affordable supermarket, according to DECO's annual study.
Source:Diário dos Açores

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in the heart of São Miguel Island

09 March 18
Terra Nostra Garden Hotel was considered the best option on São Miguel Island to relax and unwind in Paradise.
Kanicia Cognard and Antoine, from the Far And Away Places Blog, loved their stay at the Hotel and shared their experience with Blog Seriously Travel.
Source:Seriously Travel - by Kanicia Cognard (Far And Away Places)

Bloggers choose Hotel Marina Atlântico for their stay

23 February 18
Bloggers choose Hotel Marina Atlântico for their stay on São Miguel Island and create a trip itinerary based on their excellent experience.
Source:Blog: A World to Travel

The Azores Islands are considered the Hawaii of the Atlantic

05 February 18
Terra Nostra Garden Hotel stands out for its Art Deco and TN Restaurant for its splendid Furnas volcanic stew.