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The Bensaude Group's Distribution area has a long-standing experience and is rooted in modern and efficient infrastructures, that help us bring the best products and the best brands to The Azores.

We are present in the wholesale and retail markets with an integrated and wide offer. 
In retail, the group represents well-known name brands as Continente, Meu Super, MO, Wells, Worten, Sportzone, Bom Bocado and recently Bagga. Our knowledge of the region and the investment made in infrastructure allows us to provide a significant supply in the region. We currently have 45 stores in the Islands of São Miguel, Terceira and Faial.
In the wholesale market, we represent the best brands, supplying a wide range of products, including food, office supplies, security devices and paints.
Still at retail level, Bensaude Group owns SPORTESSENCE - SPORT RETAIL, S.A, through the Distribution business area, which is dedicated to selling products and sports equipment positioned at a competitive price level, to give customers the opportunity to combine articles, adapting them to their lifestyle.
Quality is the priority
Our commitment is to provide high quality products, in perfect conditions, following the highest security standards. This is why we work with the best brands and why we continue to invest, both in technical and human resources.  
Investing in people
We strongly support our employees education, enabling them to always be aware of the best practices and most recent developments in product accommodation, transport and presentation.

We provide several hours of training to the fresh produce teams, in the different stages of their work: cutting, packaging and presentation.
Infrastructures that make a difference
The investment in modern storage, distribution and point of sale infrastructures, allows us to guarantee the quality of the product at every stage.

A great example of this investment is our São Miguel’s Logistics Center, which is a key element in our import business (and in the future the export business). It enables us to manage perfectly the handling of fresh produce, which ensures product quality and longevity.
Believing in our region
We believe in the quality of Azorean products. We believe in the work of Azorean farmers and businesses, in particular in the Continente Azores Growers Club.
We  already have products that are 100% supplied by Azorean growers, and our goal is to have more and more products from our region.
Companies in this business area
INSCO is a key retail company in The Azores. It operates in the market to meet its goal of getting more variety and better products into your shelves.
Some Brands:
  • Bagga
  • Meu Super
  • MO
  • Worten
  • Continente
  • ...
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Dianicol is a wholesale distribution and trade company, that operates in the Islands of São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira and Faial.
Some Brands:
  • Iogurtes Longa Vida
  • Sovena
  • A Vinha Garrafeira
  • Nestlé
  • José Maria da Fonseca
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JH Ornelas is a centennial company, founded in 1918, joining the Bensaude Group in 1941. Currently, the Company is present in different Business Areas of the Group.
Some Brands:
  • Robbialac
  • Global Solutions
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The company Beltrão Coelho — Equipamentos de Escritórios, Lda, is dedicated to the marketing of office systems and equipment.
Some Brands:
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SPORTESSENCE - SPORT RETAIL is dedicated to the sale of sports products and equipment.
Some Brands:
  • ...
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The company CFA - Centros de Fabrico dos Açores, defines itself as a meat, bakery, pastry and fish processing industry in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.
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Some Brands:
  • ...
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