Developing tourism in the Azores Islands since 1934
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Pioneers of tourism in the Azores.
It all began in 1934, when Vasco Bensaude gathered a group of Azorean entrepreneurs with one purpose: to develop tourism in the Azores.

This group of visionaries founded the Sociedade Terra Nostra, a Group focused on the development of tourism activities. This entity was responsible for the building of the iconic Terra Nostra Hotel and establishing several tourist information offices in São Miguel Island.

Since then, the Bensaude Group has always invested in the tourism sector. For instance, the group was also involved in the creation of SATA, the Azorean airline company.

In constant evolution, this Business Area has managed to maintain its growth trajectory. In an increasingly competitive market, we have been working and growing steadily. Currently, the Bensaude Group is recognised as a reference brand and major entity in the tourism sector.
The Azores in our DNA
We have the Azores in our DNA. After more than 80 years in this sector, we still believe that tourism is a great opportunity for our business,  and the entire region.

It goes beyond an economic strategy. It is our identity. Our products. Our region. Wherever we are, we want to show the best the Azores Islands have to offer.
Innovation, tradition and sustainability
What sets us apart in this demanding market is a combination of four elements: the Azores, Innovation, Tradition and Sustainability.

Innovation, because we combine the current market trends, in service, technology and customer relations with the traditional Azorean hospitality, highlighting our own traditions.

We also develop good practices, promoting sustainability, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Companies in this business area
The Bensaude Group is the leading hotel brand in the region, with a portfolio of 8 hotels in the islands of São Miguel, Faial and Terceira and one in Lisbon.
Some Brands:
  • Parque Terra Nostra
  • Terra Nostra Garden Hotel
  • Hotel do Canal
  • Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico
  • Hotel Açores Lisboa
  • ...
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Açoreana DMC, a Destination Management Company, is a recognizable brand in the Azorean tourism landscape.
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Wayzor Rent a car, born at the heart of the Bensaude Group and stemming from the legacy of Varela Rent-a-car, changed its entire structure and started in a new direction with an improved and innovative concept.
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