Social Sustainability

We believe in the importance of giving back to our community and that is what makes us create projects that can have a positive impact on our region. This way, we continuously contribute to social, educational, cultural and many other projects.

Avoiding food waste

The Business Areas that regularly handle large amounts of food are committed to reducing waste. We have created systems for the collection and distribution of excess food.

All the products collected are distributed by social solidarity institutions that help them reach those who need it most. 

Still in the social field, the Group supports several institutions with recognized intervention in the area of social solidarity..
Supporting education
We believe that knowledge and education are vital cornerstones of sustainable development.
We seek to support the efforts of young people and strengthen their commitment to their training awarding merit based scholarships in a number of schools in the areas where we work.
Bensaude Group has a close relationship with the educational institutions. Every year, we offer dozens of academic and professional internships to higher education and vocational students. We also host visits to our companies, creating a first direct contact of children and young people with the professional world.
Promoting quality jobs
As the largest private employer in the Region, we generate opportunities for personal and professional development for approximately 2,700 people. 
We manage employment in a socially responsible way, seeking to establish strong and lasting relationships with our employees. We also support the professional development of our people, through a significant investment in training. In 2016, we provided 35.000 training hours to our employees.
In the field of cultural patronage, we have partnership protocols Teatro Micaelense and Coliseu Micaelense (theater and other cultural events) and we support several cultural institutions such as the Carlos Machado Museum and the S. José Choir Group. We also sponsor other cultural events, such as the Walk & Talk Festival, continuing with our tradition of supporting cultural activities.