New Year’s Eve at Terceira Mar Hotel

29 December 17
Interview with Miguel Rego, General Manager of Terceira Mar Hotel, who tells us everything about the New Year’s Eve’s program at Terceira Mar Hotel. With increasing popularity, New Year’s Eve Specials sold out at the end of November

Bensaude Group opened retail space in Capelas

24 December 17
Bensaude Group, through INSCO, the company that represents the SONAE brands in the Azores, opened a new retail space.
Source:Revista Açores

Terra Nostra Garden is again part of the vacation itinerary to the Azores Islands

21 December 17
Publituris reports on the itinerary of a group of travel agents who got to explore São Miguel Island.

Bensaude Group considered best company in the Azores

17 December 17
Bensaude Group has the best company in the Azores and places 4 of others in the top 10.
Source:Revista Açores

Bensaude Group opens Sport Zone on Pico Island

12 December 17
INSCO, part of the Bensaude Group, open a new Sport Zone space on Pico Island.
Source:Correio dos Açores, Açoriano Oriental e Diário dos Açores

Interview on RTP Açores channel highlights the renovation of Hotel Açores Atlântico

10 December 17
Marta Sousa Pires, Managing Executive of Bensaude Turismo, gives interview to RTP Açores.
Source:RTP Açores

Hotel Açores Atlântico reopens as a five-star Hotel-museum

10 December 17
Marta Sousa Pires, Manager of Bensaude Turismo, reveals plans for Hotel Açores Atlântico.
Source:Açoriano Oriental