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Cookies Policy

1.  Introduction

This Cookies Policy seeks to explain in a transparent and specific manner how we use the personal information we collect through your use of our website. It is in this spirit that this Cookies Policy details how, when and why we use Cookies on our platform.

This website uses Cookies, not only to guarantee that we offer a personalized and unique experience, but also how we can share with our IT partners aggregated data, which allow us to improve, in an ongoing and integrated basis, our website and your research experience.

By continuing to explore the website of BENSAUDE S.A., hereinafter "BENSAUDE" (at you expressly agree with our Cookies Policy.

2.  What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that have small pieces of information that are stored and downloaded to your device whenever you visit a website (and usually have a unique identifier), and for this reason in the case of BENSAUDE, they will be used whenever you visit the website (hereinafter referred to as "website" or "platform").

Some of the Cookies will only be triggered if certain functionalities are used, whereas BENSAUDE may use other Cookies that will always be generated and used. In addition, BENSAUDE and other external service providers may store permanent Cookies, which are stored at the browser level in your access equipment and which are used whenever you re-visit the website (and as long as they are defined as necessary for the correct use of the platform), as well as use temporary session cookies that remain in your browser's Cookies file until you leave the website.

You can find out more about which Cookies we use from the list below. BENSAUDE undertakes to update this listing, so it may not reflect, at all times, the cookies actually in use. 

We may also use web beacons, tags or scripts on our website or in emails sent by BENSAUDE, in order to better understand the usage patterns of our platform.

For more information on Cookies you can consult two platforms that provide more detailed information about Cookies and that do not have any commercial or legal relationship with BENSAUDE: http://www.allaboutCookies.orgor

3. Why use Cookies?

The use of Cookies is something that is practically universal to all websites, in no way detracting any devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) in which they are stored and allowing a better experience of using the platforms themselves, both in terms of performance and navigation, since the contents made available will be more oriented to the real needs and expectations of the users.

Cookies thus allow the Website to memorize information about your visit, such as your preferred language, location, recurrence of sessions, and other variables that we consider relevant to make your search experience much more comfortable and efficient.


4. Cookies used

BENSAUDE then details the Cookies used on our Website, as well as identifies which partner entities are authorized to place Cookies on our platform (individually explaining the added value of contemplating these partners in our platform).

The BENSAUDE Website, or the emails sent by BENSAUDE, may contain links to other websites or applications, including our partners. If you access one of these links or applications, please be aware that their Cookies Policy are form the sole responsibility of the entities that manage them. For this reason, please read the Cookies Policy for other platforms or applications before using them.

BENSAUDE uses 2 types of Cookies on its Platform:

      a. Strictly needed Cookies

They allow you to browse the Website and use most of the available features.

BENSAUDE uses these Cookies for the following reasons:

Allow our servers to respond to certain actions on the Website, or simply allow our users to use the platform, since without these cookies, it would not work on your device.

Ensure a consistent user experience during your browsing on the BENSAUDE Website and that for you to receive up-to-date and consistent information.

Contribute to a better dynamic distribution in, to ensure the best speed and performance, while browsing in the platform.

Ensure a consistent experience, even when BENSAUDE promotes the implementation of improvements in the Website.

Name of the Cookie

Responsible Entity

Reason for use

Cookie expiration

Cookie Type


Grupo Bensaude

Token used by the website to identify the session of an user.


HTTP Cookie


Grupo Bensaude

Determines whether the user has read and accepted the Cookies policy.

1 Year

HTTP Cookie


      b. Performance Cookies

They are used anonymously for the purpose of creating and analysing statistics, in order to allow a continuous improvement of the Website and, in this way, an even better user experience.

BENSAUDE uses these cookies for the following reasons:

For Analysis purposes: We use Google Analytics to better understand how customers are using the Platform to help with the website performance and design management. Google will save this information, so that you can consult the Google Privacy Policy should go to

For Testing purposes: In order to test different combinations of product design, as well as improve the experience and performance of the BENSAUDE Website.

Name of the Cookie

Responsible Entity

Reason for use

Cookie expiration

Cookie Type



AddThis Inc. 


Session and interaction with contents recording for statistical purposes and provision of share mechanisms in social networks.


For the period between 1 day and 1 year.


HTTP Cookie

Google Analytics

Google Inc.

Session, browser and interaction with contents for statistical purposes recording.

For the period between 1 day and 1 year.


HTTP Cookie


The two Cookies categories (Strictly necessary and performance) are fundamental to maintain efficiency, efficacy and ease of use of the Platform, wherefore, we do not allow that these can be autonomously disabled.

5.       Cookies Management

Users can always configure their devices and the browsers they use to accept all or some Cookies, to notify them whenever a Cookie is issued, or to never receive Cookies. So that you can manage simply and intuitively your Cookies from your browser you can use one of the links below:

  • For more information on "Private Browsing" and Cookies management in the Firefox browser, click here
  • For more information on "Incognito Navigation" and Cookie Management in Chrome browser, click here
  • For more information on "Private Browsing" and Cookies management from Safari, click here
  • For more information on "Private Browsing" and Cookie Management in the Opera browser, click here.

If you prefer to restrict, block or delete Cookies that BENSAUDE uses in its Platform, you will automatically consider this website as a "non-trusted" entity, so a significant part of the features available may not have the expected behaviour.

Your current status on the BENSAUDE Platform is as below. To edit it, simply change your consent for each of the categories of Cookies that the website uses:

a. Strictly needed Cookies - Authorizes

b. Performance Cookies - Authorizes