The energy that moves through the Islands
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After many years of hard work and investment, the Bensaude Group became one of the main players of the energy sector in The Azores.
Our services range from storage to sales and we are present in all islands of the archipelago.

This business area is divided in two parts: Fuel and Environment and Sustainability. 
We operate in the storage, distribution and selling of fuel through 5 companies:
  • Bencom
  • Petroaçores
  • Terparque
  • J.H. Ornelas
  • NSL Combustíveis
Environment and Sustainability
Varela Lda operates in the waste collection and treatment business.
Investing with The Azores in mind
We know this region like few others which allows us to have a unique understanding of the needs of its business owners and the general population. The investment made over several years always had one goal: adjusting our offer to the reality of The Azores. We seize opportunities and overcome the challenges, we can connect eberyone involved, achieve greater integration and ensure the efficiency of our business.
That is why we pride ourselves on being present in all the islands, in both businesses.

The recent investment in infrastructures — building new storage terminals — was decisive to consolidate our position. We are ready to advance on our path of continuous growth and modernization.

Building a more sustainable activity. For everyone and by, everyone.
Sustainability, whether economic, environmental or social, is an ongoing concern. Because our fuel and waste treatment businesses are integrated, we can ensure that every environmental requirement is met.
Fully covering our region is also one of our strongest commitments. We want our business to be a development tool for The Azores, to overcom barriers like the market size or adverse geographical constraints.
Aware of the community we belong to, we seek to support several projects in The Azores Islands, encouraging dynamism among the population. We support local initiatives and entities, ranging from schools, sporting events, student organizations, animal protection, landscape refurbishing, cultural events, among many others. 
An integrated offer

Companies in this business area
Bencom’s terminals and fuel storage parks supply the distribution of liquid fuel.
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Petroaçores operates in the fuel storage business and has its headquarters in São Miguel.
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Terparque’s main activity is the storage of liquid fuel and LPG, supplying the Terceira island, where it is headquartered.
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J.H. Ornelas is one of the main marketing and distribution companies in the Azores, representing the brands Respol and Azoria.
Some Brands:
  • Repsol
  • Azoria
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NSL Combustíveis was founded in 1969. At first, it was the authorized dealership of the Mobil brand (fuel and lubricants).
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Varela – Ambiente is a waste management company that provides several services: garbage collection, industrial cleaning, urban cleaning, recycling yards management and environmental consultancy.
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