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Over 100 years of experience in the art of transport by sea
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Maritime transport and shipping services are a big part of the business history of the Bensaude family — it all started with the import and export of products by sea.

Currently, maritime transport represents not only the strength of our business, but also the identity and the tradition of the Group.

It is one of our core businesses, but it is also a symbolic connection to our history and to our region.
A keystone and a need
The existence of communication routes and the possibility of traveling through them are essential factors for the development of a region.

The investment made over the years allowed us to create increasingly better services, providing our customers with excellent shipping conditions.
Understanding the region
With over 100 years of activity in this particular area, the Bensaude Group has a deep knowledge of the reality and needs of The Azores.

We are present in every islands and our business is adapted to the specific challenges of our geographic position. Our goal is for provide suitable solutions to the industry and the business people of The Azores.
Looking ahead
We are proud of our Heritage and we work every day to honor our History. We invest in training and in education, because we want to have the best teams and meet every international requirements. We invest in technical equipment, so we can provide efficient service, and aspire to be among the top companies in the market. We want to explore new markets and geographical locations, because we know that our human resources, expertise and integrated offer can take us anywhere.
An integrated offer
The integrated offer, that goes through the whole cargo route, is also an added value for all of our clients. 
Companies in this business area
Mutualista Açoreana is a historic Company that originated from -the merger between Navegação Açoreana and Micaelense, in 1920.
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Bensaude Agentes de Navegação Ltd. focuses its whole operation of ship management and representative of P&I's.
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BENTRANS – Carga e Transitários, SA was established in 1982. This Company is focused on freight collection, traffic, deconsolidation, storage and transportation to any destination.
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Clipmar is a logistics operator that has its main activity in Lisbon.
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