Hotel Marina Atlântico, the best hotel to sleep in Ponta Delgada

09 May 18
Guillem and Miriam travelers from Globotroter blog describe their trip to São Miguel Island and highlight Hotel Marina Atlântico as the best hotel to sleep in Ponta Delgada.
Source:Blog: Globotroter

Wayzor is the new brand of the Bensaude Group

09 May 18
Born from the legacy of Varela Rent-a-car, Wayzor brings with it a new structure and an innovative concept.
Gearing for a new market positioning with a more cheerful, relaxed, and simple outlook, Wayzor is focusing on its fleet that integrates electric vehicles and other more environmentally friendly options with reduced CO2 emissions.

Terra Nostra Garden, Portugal’s most beautiful garden

27 April 18
Fruit of a family’s love and labor throughout the centuries, Terra Nostra Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Portugal. That's how Vortex Magazine described the Garden and a bit of its history.
Source:Vortex Magazine

Terceira Mar Hotel, the choice of Blogger Travellight

23 April 18
Blogger Travellight describes its experience at Terceira Mar Hotel and recommends the Hotel to its followers, considering it a great place to relax and to take advantage of the magnificent views it offers over Fanal Bay and Monte Brasil on Terceira Island.
Source:Blog: The Travellight World

TN Restaurant is again a favorite among consumers

20 April 18
The Olhos de Cristal Blog considers TN Restaurant one of its favorites on São Miguel Island, because of its authentic flavor of local dishes as well as its enveloping and breathtaking view over Terra Nostra Garden.
Source:Blog: Olhos de Cristal

Terra Nostra Garden Partners with the Mike Davis brand

11 April 18
Mike Davis is a 100% Portuguese brand of casual clothing with a strong connection to sports such as tennis, windsurfing, surfing, golf, sailing and horseball.
Terra Nostra Garden has partnered with Mike Davis for its Spring/Summer 2018 collection.
Source:Mike Davis

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel awarded again by Boa Cama Boa Mesa

28 March 18
Since 2014, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is among the best Hotels in Portugal, being the only awarded accordingly in the Azores Islands. This year attending the awards ceremony were Patricia Bensaude (President of the Bensaude Group) and Marta Sousa Pires (Executive Manager of Bensaude Turismo).
Source:Boa Cama Boa Mesa