The Bensaude Group

The Bensaude Group was established in 1820, in the Island of São Miguel, in the Azores. Our history comes from the sea, the ground base we used to start our businesses, importing and exporting goods to the United Kingdom.
For nearly 200 years, due to our great ability to adapt and our strategic vision, we have been able to diversify our scope of services and become the largest private corporation entity in the Azores, ranking amongst the top 100 largest companies in Portugal.
Currently, the Bensaude Group totals 34 Companies divided into 5 Business Areas:
Overall, the Group has over 3,000 employees in the Azores and in Mainland Portugal.
The tradition that looks into the future
We believe that the values and the tradition that have sustained us throughout our history are an important foundation for the path we want to pave for our future. 

That is why some of the business areas in which we were pioneers in the Azores, such as Tourism and Shipping Services, are still important pillars of our activities. 

This great knowledge, accumulated over the years, enabled us to take the chance and invest in new business sectors, creating new markets and fostering growth. 

Our strategic investments are guided by a long-term vision, because we want to stimulate sustainable growth in our companies and of our region.
Committed to the Azores
We make it a point in preserving our origins. Our region is essential, not only for the healthy development of our activities, but also for our identity.
We are committed to the sustainable development of the Azores. We want to create businesses that can contribute to the local growth, creating new opportunities and highlighting the potential of our region.
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