Economic Sustainability

We see economic growth from a sustainable point of view. We believe that the value created by our company must be supported in the development of the regions where we operate.
For us, this is the only way to create real wealth. A wealth which can help to improve the conditions of all stakeholders: employees, customers and communities.  

Here is some of the work we do to promote economic sustainability.

Developing regional products — The Growers Club
 Our Distribution Business Area works closely with regional growers in order to improve the quality of our products, so that we can have more regional goods in our stores and distribution channels.
We use joint planning to identify products, agree on quantities and set deadlines, aiming to provide our customers with a suitable supply.
In addition to this planning process, the Growers Club also offers support to the farmers and producers, so that they can improve the quality and presentation of their products. Our advice goes from the raw material to the training for a better presentation and packaging of the product. Our goal is to deliver articles of added value, benefiting both the companies and the producers.
Developing the local economy
 The Bensaude Group, in particular in tourism and food distribution, supports the local economy, setting ambitious goals for the acquisition of products and raw material. This acquisition should preferably be made from the local market and local producers (even at the small scale level), leveraging and stimulating the local economy and small producers.

Expanding fuel coverage
The Bensaude Group, through its Energy Business, has embraced the responsibility and goal of working to ensure total fuel and gas supllies throughout the whole Azores region. 
We know that energy supply is one of the main drivers of regional development. We work to provide ever more complete coverage at competitive prices so that everyone has the same development opportunities. 

Maximizing our autonomy in energy
The Bensaude Group has a stake in the main renewable energy company in the Azores, EDA Renováveis, and about 50% of the energy consumed in the Azores corresponds to renewable sources such as geothermal, wind or hydro, representing a huge responsibility in the sustainability of the Azores and its natural wealth.
The focus on renewable energies has contributed to the reduction of imports of other energy sources, contributing to the balance of trade in the Region.

Developing the Azores as a tourist destination
Since its foundation, the Bensaude Group'sTourism Business Area has been committed to the development of the sector in the Azores. This endeavor, cemented over decades, has brought to the Azores Islands a high-quality hotel offer meeting the growing demand of the region.

However, besides the infrastructures, the Group also invests in promoting the destination, its offer and its products. Our hotels and our travel agency (Açoreana DMC) are constantly promoting the places, the activities and the products that make our region so special and unique.
Expanding Public Transportation

Because we operate in the transportation sector - land and sea, we have the responsibility and the goal of providing quality service, tailored to the needs of the local population.

Regarding our Inland Public Transportation services, we are committed to an ever more complete efficient coverage and to the adequacy of our offer to the needs of the region.
The same happens in the shipping industry, where we provide transportation of Azorean products, taking them anywhere in the world. That is why our services include the transportation of goods in bulk (done between mainland Portugal, Ponta Delgada and Terceira), as this is a more suitable option for most Azorean companies.
Promoting corporate sustainability
Historically, the Bensaude Group and its shareholders seek to promote the stability of its companies by reinvesting the generated capital, contributing to a great balance in business management.
Fostering employment and job stability
In the various mergers which the group has been a part of, we have always had a concern to ensure the management and maintenance of existing jobs.