Environmental sustainability

All our activities have been taking steps to minimize the environmental impacts, seeking to protect the fauna, flora and the ecosystems of the regions where we operate.
One of the major examples of this commitment is the Terra Nostra Garden: A botanical garden of remarkable beauty, next to Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, which is a symbol of our passion and willingness to protect the natural heritage of our region. With 12,5 hectares/31 acres, it is a "living laboratory” that supports our biological diversity and the reproduction of species, including extremely rare ones.

In our fuel transport and storage activities, we make sure that all parameters and requirements are met. We also regularly monitor the environmental aspects of our operations.

Our work of excellence in the treatment of waste has been reducing waste and pollution, ensuring a perfect coexistence with the habitat. 
In the energy sector, the group has an important stake in EDA Renováveis, an Electric Company that has been investing in renewable energies with great success. Currently, 50% of the energy produced in the Azores comes from renewable sources.
For the preservation of the ecosystems
The Azores has a unique natural wealth that must be preserved. 
For us, impact assessments are a priority in all of our facilities. We collaborate with environmental specialists to ensure that our activity has no negative impact on the balance of nature.