INSCO is part of the AZORES BRAND

12 June 18
In 2016, INSCO joined the Azores Brand and started certifying the meats section.
Currently, INSCO works with about 200 regional suppliers, and sells more than 3,000 products from Azorean brands, representing 49% of its total food purchases to suppliers.
Source:Açoriano Oriental

Skin care line created with ingredients from Terra Nostra Garden

05 June 18
Ignae Skincare, an anti-aging skin care line, uses ingredients from properties from Terra Nostra Garden, such as the thermal water and the camellia oil from the Garden.
Source:Jornal: Público

Terra Nostra one of the best boutique hotels in the world

29 May 18
Blogger Lily highlighted 3 of her top destinations in Portugal and one of them is São Miguel Island, where she mentions Terra Nostra Garden Hotel for its garden, the bath you can experience in the thermal swimming pool and its spa treatment.
Source:Blog: Just Lily

Terra Nostra Garden highlighted in Fugas article

22 May 18
Fugas, Público’s newspaper supplement, published an article on the Terra Nostra Garden and interviewed agricultural engineer Carina Costa, who is responsible for classifying plants at Terra Nostra Garden, who shares her story on it was like to grow up in the Garden.
Source:Fugas | Jornal Público

Continente Store celebrates 25 years

14 May 18
Carlos Filipe Medeiros, Executive Director of Insco reveals the company's sales strategy to bring stores closer to their customers.
Source:Açoriano Oriental

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel featured in Eurovision

14 May 18
Each country competing in Eurovision Song Contest was introduced in a video recorded in the most beautiful cities of Portugal. Spain's contestants recorded their video on São Miguel Island at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.
Source:Eurovision Contest Song

The NY Times highlighted the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

14 May 18
The New York Times highlighted the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel as a place of choice for your stay on the São Miguel Island and even mentioned Furnas's famed volcanic stew prepared by the Hotel itself.
Source:New York Times