Terra Nostra Garden’s thermal pool is one of the best options to improve your health in the Azores Islands

04 February 18
The Azores have hydrothermal resources recognized for centuries and on São Miguel Island, Terra Nostra Garden’s pool is considered the crown jewel.
Source:Correio dos Açores

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and Terra Nostra Garden featured in Travel + Leisure Magazine

26 January 18
A Travel + Leisure journalist traveled to the Azores to São Miguel Island, where she found the timeless beauty of Terra Nostra Garden and in the most relaxing thermal water pool in the Azores, the inspiration for her article. She also had the opportunity to taste the famous Cozido das Furnas, a meat and vegetable stew cooked underground with the heat of the volcano.

Açoreana | The Azores DMC is attending FITUR in Madrid

16 January 18
The FITUR trade show will take place between January 17th and 21st in Madrid and Açoreana | The Azores DMC will be present, along with other Azorean companies, to promote the Azores as a destination.
Source:Correio dos Açores

Bensaude Group highlighted in Turisver

11 January 18
Turisver Magazine highlighted the Bensaude Group among tourism businesses and listed some of its many endeavors throughout the years to the present day.
Source:Revista Turisver

21 Reasons to visit the Azores in 2018 according to byAçores

10 January 18
The largest outdoor thermal pool in the Azores Islands at Terra Nostra Garden is one of 21 reasons to visit the Azores Islands in 2018

Terra Nostra Garden, one of the spas for relaxation in 2018

08 January 18
Vogue Netherlands published an article about spas where you can completely relax in 2018.
The article mentions the Azores Islands, more specifically São Miguel Island and Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas. The Ignae brand, an Azorean cosmetics line, is highlighted with products composed of ingredients harvested in the Terra Nostra Garden, which are excellent for your health and your skin.
Source:Vogue Netherlands

Ambitur shares vacation itinerary on São Miguel Island

02 January 18
Once again, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, Terra Nostra Garden and Hotel Marina Atlântico are part of the Azorean vacation circuit on São Miguel Island.