CFA suports event “FISH IN THE AZORES”

07 October 22
CFA suports event “FISH IN THE AZORES”
CFA, a Bensaude Distribuição company in the food industry area, joined, again, an initiative that values the Azorean fish - Fish in the Azores, a gastronomic event promoted by AQUA that took place from September 30th to October 1st, in São Miguel.

In this event, held under the GAL Pesca - Mar Açoresoriental projects, participants had the opportunity to watch showcookings and tastings with regional chefs, as well as some chefs of reference in the national gastronomic panorama. 

CFA's mission is to enhance the value of Azorean products, with high quality standards, establishing a lasting relationship of trust with customers and partners. This way, and taking into account that its main activity focuses on cattle that are born and raised in the pastures of the Azores and on wild fish from the Azores sea, CFA is proud to have supported this project that aimed to promote the fish from the Azores.

CFA also supported in last July the gastronomic and leisure event "Caldo do Peixe" that took place in Rabo Peixe.

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