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Bensaude Group supports Choir of São José

14 July 17
Bensaude Group supports Choir of São José
In the photo: Elisabete Matos, Rogério Massa (President of the Choir of São José - Musical Association), Nuno Pavão Borges (Director of Marketing and Communications Bensaude Group)

In 2017, the Bensaude Group partnered with the Choir of São José, in what has been an event generating more and more fans: Música no Colégio.

This year's edition, which features famous lyrical singer Elisabete Matos, will take place between July 12th and July 16th at Largo do Colégio and is a cultural landmark of great relevance in the Azores.

In the 50 years of the Choir of São José, the Bensaude Group is again supporting culture and the arts, establishing several partnerships that support the logistics of the event, celebrating the commitment of the Choir of São José and the development and evolution of culture in the Azores.

It is with great joy that the Bensaude Group welcomes Elisabete Matos at the Bensaude Hotels, ensuring that the stay of one of the best sopranos in the world today is absolutely unforgettable.

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