Group invests downtown Ponta Delgada with the grand opening of new stores

 - 21 July 17
Group invests downtown Ponta Delgada with the grand opening of new stores
Consistent with the regional sustainability policy and the expansion of the Bensaude Group, today two new INSCO stores opened in downtown Ponta Delgada on Rua dos Mercadores: BAGGA and Meu Super.

INSCO brings to the Azores another BRAND of partner SONAE - BAGGA, which combines the best of traditional pastries with cosmopolitan cafes, offering a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, ideal for those who need a place to relax or work. This new cafe has a wide variety of products, offering several options for all times of the day. Delicious typical regional pastries, as well as light meals such as pies, salads and quiches, among other items.

If one wants a more substantial meal, BAGGA offers options such as soups, hamburgers and freshly made pizzas, which can be accompanied by a healthy fresh orange juice. The quality and the taste are fundamental attributes of what BAGGA offers, which focuses on quality at the best price.

Next to BAGGA, is the tenth Meu Super store in the Azores, which is part of the expansion strategy of this brand, reinforcing its proximity to the local communities. Given the centrality of this Meu Super Mercadores store in Ponta Delgada, its proximity to Bensaude Group’s recently opened hotel unit - NEAT Hotel Avenida - this store is also geared toward every tourist who visits us.

Customers visiting the "Meu Super Mercadores" store will be able to find the quality and variety of the Continente brand products, a strong promotional dynamic in all other brands and a focus on Azorean regional products. This unit modernizes practical daily food solutions, fresh and frozen ingredients and offers the convenience of incorporating a range of bread and baked products at different times of the day. It also has a considerable area for fruits and vegetables, a delicatessen and a butcher shop.

In continuing to invest in Ponta Delgada, the Bensaude Group, through INSCO, plans to open this year an MO Clothing Store and a Wells Store, specializing in health, wellness and eye care.

The Bensaude Group continues to focus on the development of the Azores Islands, thus contributing to job creation. Since July 1st and through INSCO, fifteen new employees have been hired at the "BAGGA Mercadores Coffee Shop" and at "Meu Super Mercadores.”
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