INSCO opens new commercial space in Arrifes

 - 23 March 18
INSCO opens new commercial space in Arrifes

INSCO, a Bensaude Group company representing the SONAE brands in the Azores, opens today on March 23rd a new commercial space in Arrifes, following the recent opening last December of the Capelas retail facility.

In line with the Bensaude Group’s plan of providing proximity to the consumer and continuing the sustainable development of the regional economy as the main priorities, another option appears for consumers in one of the most populated areas of São Miguel Island.

The new Arrifes retail facility will have a Continente Modelo grocery store and 5 retail spaces: a Wells store, a NOTE shop! (new on São Miguel Island), a MO store, a MEO space, a BAGGA coffee shop, and Pizza Hut, totaling about 1700m2 (18,000 sq ft) of covered sales area, with free WIFI and two terraces. For the convenience of all visitors, the space also has plenty of room to park with 4 distinct parking areas.

The stores and brands in this commercial space are already well known to Azoreans, offering many options, from health to food and to be noted that Modelo Continente was once again considered by DECO as the most affordable grocery store in the Azores.

The Bensaude Group, through INSCO, thus ensures approximately 70 jobs in this new commercial facility, reinforcing their investment of human resources in the region.

The new commercial space will be located between Rua da Saúde and Cardeal Humberto Medeiros Street (next to the town hall) and will be open daily from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM.

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