Bensaude Distribuição opens commercial gallery in Vila do Porto

28 July 22
Bensaude Distribuição opens commercial gallery in Vila do Porto

Bensaude Distribuição, through its company INSCO, which represents the SONAE brands in the Azores, opened a new shopping gallery in Vila do Porto, Santa Maria.Continuing the policy that has been pursued by the Bensaude Group, where proximity to the customer and the sustainable development of the regional economy are priorities, this is another option for consumers in Santa Maria. INSCO, a company also owned by SONAE and Moagem Terceirense, thus assures around 45 jobs, reinforcing the investment in the regional human capital. At present it works with 240 regional suppliers, 10 of which are suppliers from Santa Maria.

This new space respects all the recommendations and good environmental practices, namely the energy efficiency, energy consumption control, as well as proper equipment for the separation and management of waste.

The new shopping gallery will have a Continente Bom Dia supermarket and several commercial spaces: a WORTEN shop, a note! shop, a MO shop, a Sport Zone shop and a BAGGA coffee shop. For the convenience of visitors, the gallery also has a large car park with 95 parking spaces.

It will be in Vila do Porto that the presentation of the new Bensaude Distribuição brand Açorianíssimo will take place, namely through its first commercial action: "Feira Açorianíssimo". This fair will also take place in the remaining Continente and Meu Super shops in the Azores, between the 2nd and 15th of August.

With the opening of this new gallery, N9V, the Azores online shopping centre, also gains another distribution point, allowing customers to purchase products that may not be available in shop, widening the range of choices and ensuring good delivery timings. In the gallery there will be a counter to help customers use the platform and enjoy its advantages. To celebrate this inauguration, in-store collections of purchases made at N9V will be free of charge.

Bensaude Distribuição is based on a vast experience and on modern and efficient infrastructures to distribute the best products and brands throughout the Azores archipelago.

With an integrated and varied offer, we are present in 4 (four) major areas of activity - Wholesale Market, Retail Market, Food Industry and Research & Development.

INSCO works the Azorean market with the objective of getting more and better regional products to its shelves. The Continente Bom Dia in Vila do Porto has a takeaway service of roast chicken and spare ribs, as well as a wide range of products adjusted to everyday needs, such as fresh and frozen products, a variety of breads, groceries from various suppliers and an area dedicated to organic and healthy products. This new shop also makes available products from the Continente brand, voted the Brand of Trust of the Portuguese since 2003, thus ensuring the best value proposal.

Its mission will always be to provide its customers with the best Azorean products at the best market prices.

In 2020, INSCO was recognized with the Biggest Company in the Azores Award.

In order to contribute to social sustainability on the island of Santa Maria, partnerships have been confirmed with social solidarity institutions, namely Associação Salvaterra and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vila do Porto.

The new shopping gallery will be located in Lugar do Casal, Avenida de Santa Maria, nº2030, Vila do Porto and will be open every day of the week from 8h - 21h (Summer) and 8h - 20h (Winter).

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