Açorianíssimo is the new brand of Bensaude Distribuição

27 July 22
Açorianíssimo is the new brand of Bensaude Distribuição

Bensaude Distribuição presents the new communication brand Açorianissímo, which aims to unveil to the Azorean market the contributive work that Bensaude Group and its Distribution area develop in the region.

Through strong sustainability policies, in its different aspects, Bensaude Distribuição has been promoting several initiatives and incentives that have a real impact in the daily lives of those who live in the region. Açorianíssimo now makes it possible to identify and publicize these actions, reaching a greater number of people.
The bet in the regional product and in the people who produce and consume it is the main goal of this brand, which intends to contribute in a positive way for the local development.
Açorianíssimo is, therefore, the guarantee of quality inherent to the whole process of developing a local production: from the production and sourcing work, to the distribution phase, to sales (Continente and Meu Super Açores shops) and, finally, on the consumer's table.

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