Bensaude Energia is UAc PREMIER's sponsor

15 July 22
Bensaude Energia is UAc PREMIER's sponsor
On July 13th took place the first event of UAc PREMIER, sponsored by Bensaude Energia.

This lecture cycle aims to approach and strengthen the relationship between business and higher education institutions, namely the University of the Azores (UAc). It consists of a set of technical presentations made by UAc students to a selected audience of representatives of regional companies, as well as government agencies related to funding programs and support for competitiveness.

The theme addressed in the first conference was the "Influence of Research and Development in Productivity". The session began with an introduction by Dr. Elias Pereira, president of the General Council of the University of the Azores, and by Dr. Susana Mira Leal, Magnificent Rector of the UAc. Lurdes Silva, post-doc at UAc presented the topic "Biomass - Potential production of plant biomass and carbon sequestration capacity" and the student Dr. º Jorge Frias, PhD student of UAc, gave the contribution in "Biotechnological exploration of insect natural enemies to obtain new insecticide molecules”. Also, with the intervention of two external speakers Dr. Gonçalo Regalo, Chief Marketing Officer of Millenium BCP and Professor Daniel Traça, Director of Nova School of Business and Economics, on the economy of Portugal framed in productivity, research and development.

After two moments of debate, in which the audience was available to question the speakers, and a coffee break that provided networking moments, the session was closed by Dr. José Manuel Bolieiro, President of the Regional Government of the Azores.
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