Award of Excellence for the Best Student of the Tourism Degree

06 December 22
Award of Excellence for the Best Student of the Tourism Degree
Last 5th December, Bensaude Turismo awarded the Prize of Excellence to the best student of the Tourism Degree, from the Azores University.
The prize, amounting to 1,000 euros, was delivered to the student André Carvalho and results from the commitment that the Bensaude Group has with the Azoreans and the Azores. It is, therefore, one more incentive to excellence and merit, as well as to the development of Azoreans qualified for the Tourism area.

In this 2022 edition, the ceremony took place in the Insulana Room of the Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico, with the objective of bringing the University to the space of the companies, which allowed the students a differentiating experience and the development of networking. The event included the intervention of Dr. Ricardo Miranda, Founder and Creative Director of the Branding and Communication Agency WonderWhy, who presented the topic "The Age of Brands: branding in the creation of hotel projects".In addition to the awarded student and his family, this session was attended by the representative of the Rectory of the University of the Azores, Amélia Fonseca, the President of the School of Economics and Management, João Teixeira, the Vice President of the School of Economics and Management, José Noronha Rodrigues, the Director of the Degree in Tourism, Daniela Fantoni Alvares, and Bensaude Turismo through its Executive Director, Jorge Aguiar.

It should also be noted that the Bensaude Group established internally, since 2020, the attribution of scholarships to employees' children, whose main selection criteria are merit and excellence in school. These are scholarships to support the payment of tuition fees, accommodation and transport and cover the full university cycle, some in the Azores and others on the Portuguese mainland.

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