Dianicol is a wholesale distribution and trade company, that operates in the Islands of São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira and Faial.
Dianicol works with food products, but also sells office supplies to bigger customers and offers central purchasing services.

In most of ints territory, Dianicol is in charge of the logistical operation of big brands like Nestlé and Coca Cola Iberian Partners. In resale, Dianicol represents a wide range of brands.

Besides being the official representative of these famous brands, Dianicol provides logistical services, ensuring the storage, transport and delivery to the retailers, including door-to-door service.
The Company also provides central purchasing services for the hotel business. Bensaude Hotels is Dianicol’s main client in this area of business.

Dianicol also sells occupational protection equipment, road signage, waste collection containers, customizable signage, fire detection and firefighting equipment, and is certified to carry out the audit and maintenance of these. 
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