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Grupo Bensaude pays tribute to the Azorean Firefighters regarding the 200th anniversary celebration

Within the scope of the 200th anniversary celebration, the Bensaude Group has organized a ceremony in order to pay tribute to the Azorean Firefighters that included an offer of a cutting-edge technology live saving device.

On the 25th of January the Grand Hotel Açores Atlantico was also a showcase for the first event of the 200th anniversary of the group and had as main characters the Firefighters Corporations of the 9 Azorean islands.

By the hand of the vice-president of the board of directors it was delivered to each one of the Firefighters Corporations a cutting-edge technology live saving device named Easy Pulse. This device is a brand-new gadget that allows cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It’s a compact, light and easy transportation device, that simplifies the action of these brave warriors that risk they’re life in order to save the population during the 365 days of the year.

200 years. We celebrate it together.
27 Jan