WAYZOR Rent a car

 - 30 April 18
WAYZOR Rent a car

Trailing the roads of the Azores Islands and born from the Bensaude Group with its immense history in tourism, WAYZOR stems from the legacy of Varela Rent-a-car, a well-known name in the Azores and among Azoreans, reborn with a new direction.

Focusing on unmanned vehicle rentals, WAYZOR Rent-a-car is cheerful, relaxed, and simple. This is how we are positioning ourselves, and ensuring the confidence and safety we want to provide our customers.

To know you will have a positive experience in renting a car in the Azores, WAYZOR Rent-a-car intends to make your trip easier to make your Azores experience as complete as possible.

As a result of this rebranding that follows the new market trends, WAYZOR affirms itself in the regional market with a differentiating approach, and will offer, for example, a fast check-in service at Ponta Delgada Airport. To achieve this, after booking your reservation, all you need to do is go to, insert your reservation number which bypasses lines and other bureaucratical hassles.

Once again, the Bensaude Group sets the pace in its location markets, listening to customers and meeting their needs, creating additional and improved products, boosting the Azores Islands and its treasures.


Wayzor. Azores your way. 
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