Start - Bensaude Trainee Program / 2nd Session

25 January 18
Start - Bensaude Trainee Program / 2nd Session
The START - BENSAUDE TRAINEE PROGRAM internships, supported by the ESTAGIAR Program, begin annually in two separate times in October and January.

The second session of the 14th edition of the Bensaude Group's Annual Internship Program began on January 2nd with a Welcome Session – in a Reception and Integration Meeting promoted by the Human Resources Department at S. Miguel Park Hotel, in which the trainees attended during the morning of the first day of the program.

The 17 trainees enrolled in this BENSAUDE TRAINEE PROGRAM session have technical and superior training in different areas and were placed in several companies of the Group on São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico Islands.

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