N9V, the new Online Shopping Centre in the Azores has arrived

25 March 22
N9V, the new Online Shopping Centre in the Azores has arrived
INSCO - Insular de Hipermercados, Bensaude Distribuição company owned by Bensaude Group, Bensaude Group, SONAE and Moagem Terceirense, launched its new Online Shopping Centre -

Conceived to be used in mobile devices and PC, this new platform brings innovation and several new features to the regional e-commerce panorama, allowing access to various shopkeepers, guaranteeing delivery services to all residents on the islands of the Azores, from Santa Maria to Corvo and from Corvo to Santa Maria - from the N9V (9) islands of the Azores.

As any project of this dimension, this will have several development phases, being that in the first phase customers will be able to find Continente, Well's, Worten and Note stores.

At N9V, the customer will be able to find thousands of products from various shops, promotions and leaflets of these stores, as well as a section of novelties aimed to different contents.

At N9V there is also an enhancement in the means of payment, as well as in delivery and in the expansion of the Click & Collect and Click & Go network, which now has 14 collecting points in São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico, in Continente and Meu Super shops and also with CTT points on the remaining islands.

Among the various novelties are the new packaging options with recyclable cardboard boxes and the recyclable cardboard boxes and the possibility of returning plastic bags. This information is available on the website for consultation at - useful information.

With this project, INSCO intends to fill the delivery service gap for the islands of the Azores, of the majority of online shops, creating a platform that will also allow the presence of various partners, boosting the regional economy, placing itself once again at the forefront of what is done nationally in this area, allowing those who live in any the Azorean islands easy and convenient access to more and better products and more and better services.
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