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MO stores promote school visits to their facilities on São Miguel Island

23 February 18
MO stores promote school visits to their facilities on São Miguel Island
On February 16th, INSCO, via its MO, SONAE’s fashion brand, promoted a school visit to the MO stores in S. Miguel of students going through the sales technician degree of the trade school MONSENHOR JOÃO MAURÍCIO DE AMARAL FERREIRA.

In addition to bringing INSCO closer to the community, this visit had the purpose of introducing students to the facilities and working methods, to connect the program contents of the course in question with the trade activity, in this case, clothing.

It was a guided tour for these students whose ages ranged from 24 and 40 to 3 stores - MO Ribeira Grande, MO Lagoa and MO Matriz – all with different settings, from store operations to product placement, customer service, visual merchandising techniques, internal logistics and receiving procedures.

Students were able to understand the concrete application of the theoretical contents taught in this course, when applied to the daily reality of each store.

The Bensaude Group through INSCO thus strengthens one of its commitments to promoting sustainability in the geographical region in which it is inserted.

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