INSCO and TERRA VERDE establish partnership

19 March 18
INSCO and TERRA VERDE establish partnership
INSCO, a Bensaude Group company and representative of the SONAE brands in the Azores, together with TERRA VERDE, an association with more than 130 members in the viticulture, horticulture, oenology, beekeeping and floriculture industries reinforce their collaboration thanks to the CONTINENTE - Azores Producers Club.
Started in 2011, the CONTINENTE - Azores Producers Club was created to strengthen the regional and local economy, offering greater freshness and appreciation of regional products, a commitment reinforced by the signing of the Sustainability Booklet by the Bensaude Group.
In 2017, the CONTINENTE - Azores Producers Club already had more than 54% of regional production in vegetables and 21% of the fruit, showcasing how well this collaboration is focusing on producers and regional products, extending operational areas and including an increasing number of producers.
The guarantee of monitoring and control of production processes is one of the biggest differentiators of this Producers Club, which ensures that the product that reaches the consumer has an increasingly higher quality, and allows a greater and better monitoring from the sowing to the selling stages."

Through this partnership, INSCO and TERRA VERDE intend to involve other areas and institutions of the Azorean economy, fostering the development and investment of regional production and its efficiency. 

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