GASDOM arrives at the Azores

 - 07 November 18
GASDOM arrives at the Azores
BENSAUDE ENERGY, through NSL has launched a new mobile application to make life easier for all those who need bottled gas in their home - GASDOM.

This Mobile Application, available for Android and iOS, assures the support in the Management of Requests for Delivery of Gas to the House, making it much easier to place requests for delivery of gas bottles directly at the address for those who use it.

Through a simple and intuitive interaction with GASDOM, you can schedule and monitor the entire delivery process, thus avoiding the usual inconveniences of waiting - or those moments waiting by the door and be on the lookout of when your doorbell rings!

One of its uses consists in unlimited delivery addresses which you can include in the app: you can register different locations and define which address you want gas delivered at the time of ordering.

To make the order easier, the app allows you to assign designations to your delivery locations and keeps a history of your last order accessible. Easy and effective!

Download now, so you’re never out of gas! 
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