DECO puts INSCO in the lead

 - 08 November 17
DECO puts INSCO in the lead

In one of its recurrent studies on hypermarket and supermarket prices, DECO has placed Continente and Continente Modelo, SONAE brands, represented by INSCO in the Azores, as leaders of the best prices.

In this particular case, a basket of 141 products was used, which included their own generic brand and mid-range brand products at these chain locations. 

In Ponta Delgada, Modelo Continente at Parque Atlântico is a leader in the best price, the same with the store in Ribeira Grande.

In Angra do Heroísmo, Modelo Continente also appears the most affordable in comparison to the competition.

INSCO thus cemented its leading position in terms of best price, based on a practice of supporting local producers and its goal of increasing the growth of the regional economy.

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