COVID-19 Communication

17 March 20
COVID-19 Communication
Considering the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bensaude Group is currently implementing a specific Contingency Plan for each of its business areas and companies:
- Fully guarantee the service to our Customers;
- Mitigate possible risks to the health of all Employees, Customers, Partners and, naturally, to the Community in general.
These Plans include several measures, with focus on:
- Permanent availability of updated information;
- Actions for Hygiene Prevention, through the provision of alcohol-based sanitizing solutions and strengthening of sanitizing plans;
- Availability of a first intervention kit for employees with suspicion of disease;
- Dispersion of the Working Teams in different locations using Telework;
- Reduction and cancellation of trips and postponement of public events;
- Procedures for dealing with possible cases of illness of Customers and Employees.
These preventive measures, which will be adapted according to the assessment that we will make at each moment, should not be regarded with alarmism, but with the prudence and responsibility that is required from everyone at this time.
Bensaude Group calls for everyone's effort, commitment and resilience.
With everyone's help and commitment - because everyone is essential - we are sure that this challenge will be overcome!
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