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 - 27 March 20
Centrovia Information

Following Decree 10-C/2020, of March 23, which establishes exceptional and temporary measures in response to the COVID-19 disease epidemic within the scope of periodic technical inspections, motor vehicles and their trailers whose validity expires on June 30, 2020 are extended for five (5) months from the date of registration, with the exception of vehicles considered essential by Decree no. 80-A/2020, of March 25:


a) Heavy passenger vehicles (M2 and M3);


b) Heavy goods vehicles (N2 and N3);


(c) Trailers and semi-trailers with a gross weight of 3500 kg or more (O3 and O4), with the exception of agricultural trailers;


(d) light vehicles licensed for public passenger transport and ambulances;


(e) re-inspections of previously failed vehicles;


(f) Inspections for re-registration of used imports;


(g) extraordinary inspections to recover documents;


(h) cars used for school transport.


These vehicles classified as essential may perform the inspection, by prior appointment, as of April 1 at the Centers of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande and when the mobile inspection centers reopen, which, as a result of the Emergency Plan implemented, will remain closed while the airspace between the Islands of the R.A.A. is closed to the circulation of people.

We will keep our Clients informed as and when legislative changes applicable to our activity occur.

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