Bensaude Turismo was present in the event "Technology: the next generation"

22 September 22
Bensaude Turismo was present in the event "Technology: the next generation"
Bensaude Turismo, through its CEO, Dr. Jorge Aguiar, was present at the event "Technology: the next generation", that took place at Teatro Micaelense, on September 21st. 
Speaker at the panel dedicated to the "New Digital Tourist", Dr. Jorge Aguiar shared his vision about the future of the tourism and hospitality industry and the answers that are being given today to a tourist who is increasingly digital, informed, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, demanding, concerned about sustainability and looking for transformative and immersive experiences.

The reduction of seasonality, the extension of the stay, the qualification of tourism in order to capture more value, the central importance of assets such as human capital and its competitive advantages, and the balance of the relationship between the tourist and the territory were other topics addressed in his speech. 

Emphasising the importance and impact of technology allied with sustainability, connectivity and digital transition, the Executive Director of Bensaude Turismo made clear, with some concrete examples that are already implemented and others that are being developed, the effort and investment that are being made regarding the incorporation of technology in several business areas, without, however, dehumanising the tourist experience and without distorting the necessary and desired human contact always present in the genuine Azorean Hospitality, motto of Bensaude Hotels Collection

Photography: Credits Fernando Resendes/TM

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