Bensaude Serviços invests in digital business

 - 03 August 21
Bensaude Serviços invests in digital business
With a long history, of over 200 years, full of investments, cooperations, innovations,  Bensaude Group is preparing to start a new business, through two minority participations - in AZORES HIVE and SPARKYWAY. The first will be allied to AMT Consulting's 15 years of experience in implementing innovative projects. The second has a startup nature.

AZORES HIVE intends to be a digital skills center that bets on resources trained in the Azores to work, from the Azores, on projects in other geographies. Its mission is to provide consulting services and application development in the context of digital transformation projects based on SAP and Outsystems technologies.

SPARKYWAY, in turn, is a company that, through its own innovative digital platform, will enable the rapid development of solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of operational processes, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided by its customers.

In an era of overwhelming digital transformation, both nationally and internationally, this area has a huge impact on business, as well as throughout Azorean society and beyond. The interest in actively participating in this transformation is not a recent reality for the Bensaude Group. There has been a strong investment in this area since 20 years ago, with the creation of DSI - Information Systems Department.

Looking from the inside out, the Group wants to use its know-how, its internal strength, and put them at the service of new partnerships, to create more value, more business, to boost the settlement of more people in our land (not only locals, but also attract people from outside the Azores, interested in the level and quality of life we can provide them, the so desired work-life balance).

Because Bensaude Group always wants to invest in the Azorean economy and society, this will be an investment in Azorean companies, but with services at a national and also international level, following a strategy totally aligned with European and world designs on digitalization.

Trying to combine its solidity, its entrepreneurial spirit, with a permanent willingness of cooperation, showing that its longevity comes precisely from its ability to reinvent itself, Bensaude Group will then participate in these two new projects, in close local partnership with the university higher education (UAç), as well as with the technological vocational education (ENTA).
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