Bensaude Distribution invests in local sourcing

 - 06 January 20
Bensaude Distribution invests in local sourcing
Bensaude Distribution is constantly betting on the local products and producers of the Azores region. After stablishing a regional sourcing project, that has been materialized on the Clube de Produtores Continente Açores, the Bensaude Distribution has taken another big step in connecting with local producers and with that minimizing the importations.

In order to extend the commitment with the sourcing project in the Azores, the Bensaude Distribution moved on with a new project that has this specific goal:
"Develop partnerships with companies with a relevant know-how in the area, giving them distinguished resources in order to improve a sustainable and diversified production of Azorean fruits and vegetables, and with that minimizing the importation.”

Having this goal in mind, the Bensaude Distribution has chosen Easy – Fruits & Salads has is 1st partner, acquiring a minor percentage of their capital and giving them tools so they can develop their entrepreneur project and also fortifying their capital and helping them in specific areas has Marketing and Logistics.
On the other hand, with this partnership, the Bensaude Distribution has expanded the variety of products, and at the same time improved the bet on local products with a more precise quality control, from the seed shop into the store and with that reducing the costs and the carbonic footprint.

The Easy – Fruits & Salads, is a result of a young farmers project, that has started in 2012 and have on the current management 2 of his founders that saw on this activity an opportunity of making a difference on the regional market. The Easy has an annual revenue of 300.000€ and on his portfolio they have the brand that gives the name to the company and they are a reference on the field for the local market.
They explore an area of 4 acre divided in 3 fields with a mix of open air and greenhouse culture.
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