Bensaude Group supports the 11th edition of Walk&Talk

24 June 22
Bensaude Group supports the 11th edition of Walk&Talk
The programme for the 11th edition of Walk&Talk - Arts Festival was presented. This festival will take place in São Miguel island between July 14 and 23, under the theme In the first place.

In this edition, the artists and participants (national and international) will present unpublished projects resulting from artistic residencies developed in the Azores between 2021/2022 under the open calls for residencies and W&T Young Creators, but also from invitations and commissions.

Through visual arts, performance, music, design and architecture, In the first place suggests a reflection on what arises and exists in the first place, rethinking current narratives and "positionality" as a key aspect in the definition of systems of power, knowledge and identity. Questioning divergent temporal and spatial constructions and recognizing multiple voices, presences and positions, the programme intends to think about word, speech, sound and music as ways to travel in time, suggesting new perspectives and readings about the spaces we inhabit - be them physical or metaphorical and the relationships we establish between geographies, resources, different species and ideas.

The Bensaude Group, through its Tourism, Distribution, Services, Maritime and Logistics areas, is proud to collaborate in this cultural project with positive impact in the community since its first edition.
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