Bensaude Group presents academic merit awards at ESAQ

26 April 22
Bensaude Group presents academic merit awards at ESAQ
Antero de Quental Secondary School held last 21st April the presentation of Merit Awards regarding the school year 2020/2021, where Bensaude Group was, once again, present.

This ceremony was conducted by students from Antero de Quental Secondary School, having started with a brief introduction made by the President of the Executive Board, Dr. Ulisses Barata.

This event was attended by the Chairman of the Pedagogic Council, Chairman of the School Assembly, Chairman of the Parents and Guardians Association, Representative of the Old Students Association, Representative of the Students Association and also the Director of Communication and Marketing of the Bensaude Group, Dr. Nuno Borges.

Bensaude Group contributes to this initiative by awarding a monetary prize to the best student in the Science and Technology Course, Languages and Humanities Course and Visual Arts Course. This year, the students Ricardo Jorge Dias Medeiros, Margarida Ponte Silva and Dalila Maria Benevides Massa, with the highest final classifications 2020/2021, were awarded.

With this action, the Group intends to keep recognizing and motivating the students of the Region for a performance of excellence based on merit.
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