Bensaude Group awards certificates of Rede Valorizar

25 May 21
Bensaude Group awards certificates of Rede Valorizar
On May 19th, 13 employees of Bensaude Group were awarded certificates, which, through the Rede Valorizar, successfully completed the B3 course, thus concluding the 3rd cycle of Basic Education. Besides these, four employees concluded the Secondary level of education.

The diploma delivery, that took place in Hotel Marina Atlântico, was attended by the Director of DRQPE, Dr. Nuno Bettencourt Gomes, the Executive Administrator of Bensaude Turism, Dr. Jorge Aguiar, the Coordinator of the Rede Valorizar, Dr. Olivia Arruda, and all the trainees involved.

It ended with success one more stage, in the scope of the Lay Off process, whose organization had the objective to keep the teams aligned and in constant contact. In addition, this anomalous period served to enhance our teams with new skills and/or recycle knowledge.

Since August 2020, the Department of Human Resources (DRH), in partnership with Bensaude Turismo (BT), designed a training plan to meet one of the requirements of the Lay Off, present in the support to which some companies of the Group applied for. In response to this project, Bensaude Group collaborated with several partners, including Rede Valorizar.

The RVCC process, promoted by Rede Valorizar, allows trainees to have the skills they have acquired throughout their lives recognized, whether in formal, non-formal and informal contexts, recognizing them according to school/technical contents and certifying this knowledge and skills with a school qualification or with a Professional Certification.

In the case of BT's employees, 33 employees from various companies were selected to join Rede Valorizar, of which 16 integrated the B3 pathway, allowing them to conclude and obtain the 3rd cycle of Basic Education, and 17 integrated the Secondary pathway.

Each pathway involved the trainees preparing an individual portfolio, which was accompanied by guidance from the trainers, as well as attending 300 hours of training in areas defined by Rede Valorizar.

This program began in December 2020 and ended for most trainees in March 2021.
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