Bensaude Energia invests on electric mobility

 - 21 November 19
Bensaude Energia invests on electric mobility
On November 21st, JHO Energia, a Bensaude Group company, received the Regional Secretary of Energy, Environment and Tourism for the inauguration of its first electric vehicle charging station in the Azores archipelago, as part of a state visit. 

With over 90 years in the energy sector, JHOrnelas now enters the electricity supply network to meet the new mobility challenges and new market segments that open with this paradigm shift.

Today's consumers are increasingly sensitive to all issues related to the environment, the product quality they consume, their reliability, ecological footprint and service delivery, which raises the bar for the challenge that JHOrnelas addresses every day. Our quality standards and services always strive to keep up with today's demanding levels.

Taking into account these consumption and paradigm changes, JHOrnelas will have six (6) of the Gas Stations that will be integrated in the Electric Vehicle Network and Fast Charging Points promoted by the Azores Regional Government, through the Regional Energy Directorate. Accordingly, Electric Vehicle quick charge points will be installed at the following Gas Stations:

São Miguel - Antero Quental Gas Station | Capelas Gas Station | Ribeira Seca Gas Station
Santa Maria - Santa Maria Gas Station - Vila do Porto
Graciosa - Graciosa Gas Station- Santa Cruz
São Jorge - Levadas Gas Station - Velas

We would like to point out that JHO already has three of its supply stations in the Region certified according to the NP EN ISO 14001 standard, International Standard that establishes the Environmental Performance requirements, demonstrating the real sensitivity we have always had in preserving the environment where we live and the communities that surround us.

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