Bensaude Distribution celebrates its 30th anniversary on Continente Açores with a new shop experience in Ponta Delgada

22 May 23
Bensaude Distribution celebrates its 30th anniversary on Continente Açores with a new shop experience in Ponta Delgada

It was in 1993 that the first shop opened, a milestone of change in the regional retail market. Bensaude Distribution, through its company INSCO, which represents the SONAE brands in the Azores, celebrates until May 29th the 30th anniversary of Continente in the Azores.

Grateful for the legacy and continuing the policy of proximity with the customer and the sustainable development of the regional economy, in the 30th anniversary of Continente in the Azores, Bensaude Distribution presented on May 13th the shop remodelling in Ponta Delgada, at Parque Atlântico. The event was attended by current and former employees, who opened the shop 30 years ago, partners and customers. Throughout the day, everyone was entertained with moments of entertainment, from the cake baking to the performances of a folklore group, a jazz quartet and a singing group.

Besides the bet on energy efficiency with the replacement of the refrigeration plant with CO2 refrigeration, which represents an energy saving of more than 25%, the installation of photovoltaic panels that will represent the production of energy for self-consumption (25% of total consumption), the remodelling also offers a new customer experience. Some of the new features already available are: order/delivery system in the fish section; pizza on the spot service; sushi; greater variety in hot meals; implementation of the single queue; cashier dedicated to payment through the SIGA application; exclusive space for regional products through Açorianíssimo; infusions and spices in bulk; sliced fruit, among others.

In this moment of celebration, customers with Continente's loyalty card or new customers who, in the meantime, join the card, may be eligible for the grand draw: there are 60 prizes, 30 worth 1,000€ and 30 worth 500€. Any person who makes purchases with Continente card, Azores address, during the period of the "30 YEARS OF CONTINENTE IN THE AZORES" fair (May 9 to 29), in a Continente Azores shop (or at the N9V.PT website), worth more than 10 euros in a set of products from partner brands, is eligible to win.

INSCO, a company also owned by SONAE and Moagem Terceirense, provides around 160 jobs in this shop, reinforcing the investment in regional human capital, working to date with 240 regional suppliers.

The work of the Bensaude Distribution technicians in partnership with the Continente Producers Club and with local producers has made it possible to increase and add value to the products produced in our region. We work as partners and invest in training and innovation to enhance the quality of local products and to benefit our companies, producers and customers.

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