Açoreana DMC is part of the inclusion program "Azores all in blue"

04 May 21
Açoreana DMC is part of the inclusion program "Azores all in blue"
Açoreana DMC (Destination Management Company), a Bensaude Turismo company leader in organizing tourism programs and individual or group travel in the Azores, is part of the recent project "Azores all in blue".

"Azores all in blue” is a project from Centro de Desenvolvimento Infanto-Juvenil dos Açores (CDIJA) for the creation of innovative tourism products in the Azores, for families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which was born with the purpose to mark the world with another territory that, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, recognizes, accepts and includes Autism.

In this sense, Açoreana DMC will work with hotels, ground transportation companies, tourism entertainment companies and tourism activity promoters to ensure the best conditions for the success of this inclusive tourism project.

Through this initiative, the CDIJA and Açoreana DMC aim to ensure that the "Azores all in blue" responds to the inclusive tourism, health tourism and therapeutic tourism, desired in the Azores. This is possible because the archipelago, due to its characteristics and conditions, allows to combine specific rituals and habitual routines, so important for children with ASD.

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