Regional Director highlights Bensaude Group's role in job market integration

05 January 19
During a visit to the INSCO Logistics Center on January 4th, the Regional Director for Employment and Vocational Qualification highlighted the role of the Bensaude Group in integrating young people in the job market.

Referring to the success of the "Estagiar" program and its high participation rate, the Regional Director for Employment and Vocational Qualification also stressed that the Bensaude Group "has guaranteed, in the last 3 years, that 55% of the 136 young people who completed the program in several of the group’s companies got hired."

Employing about 3,000 people, the Bensaude Group is one of the largest employers in the Azores Islands.
Source:Jornais: Açoriano Oriental, Correio dos Açores e Diário dos Açores

"Escola Missão Continente" for health and wellness

20 December 18
Promoting healthy eating and mindful consumption among youngsters is one of the objectives of Escola Missão Continente.

Building a more sustainable future and connecting the community to the Continente stores is essential in establishing a relationship based on trust.
Source:Jornal: Correio dos Açores

Top companies in the Azores Islands

04 December 18
On December 3rd, the "100 largest companies of the Azores", an event organized by Açormedia, were announced at the Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico.

During the event, the top 10 best companies of the Azores were highlighted, and 3 of those are part of the Bensaude Group:
BENSITUR: Top 3rd - Company where Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is part of.
BENCOM: Top 9th - Company belonging to the Energy Business Segment.
And finally, AÇORES 2000: Top 10th company in the Azores - where the Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico and the Hotel Açores Lisboa are integrated in.

Once again, the Bensaude Group is able to position its companies among the top best, reflecting the dedication of its employees and continuous search for excellence.
Source:Jornal: Açoriano Oriental

The Bensaude Group bestowed the Best Student of Tourism Award

26 October 18
The Bensaude Group, through Bensaude Turismo, bestowed the Best Student of Tourism Award from the University of the Azores. The ceremony included a lecture by João Miguel Lopes on "The power of Storytelling in communication strategy of tourism brands
Source:Jornal: Açoriano Oriental

Bensaude Group supports Açoriano Oriental conferences

24 October 18
The Açoriano Oriental and Rádio Azores TSF conference was held on October 23rd with the theme "Challenges for the health of the Portuguese for the next 5 years" on Terceira Island at Terceira Mar Hotel.
Source:Jornal: Açoriano Oriental

Road Trip with Wayzor

10 October 18
Mark Porter from The Herald Magazine describes his Azores experience with Wayzor Rent-a-Car, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico.
Source:The Herald Magazine

TV show Missão: 100% Portuguese at Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

16 August 18
TN Restaurant and Terra Nostra Garden welcomed Raminhos and the RTP1 crew of TV show Missão: 100% Portuguese.
This episode highlighted the volcanic Furnas stew and the expansive Terra Nostra Garden.
Source:RTP1 - Missão: 100% Português