Bensaude Hotels

The Bensaude Group is the leading hotel brand in the region, with a portfolio of 8 hotels in the islands of São Miguel, Faial and Terceira and one in Lisbon.
Bensaude Hotels
Our first unit was the Terra Nostra Hotel, built in 1935, currently known as Terra Nostra Garden Hotel. It is a mythical place and a recognized icon of excellence, not only in the Azores Islands, but also in the rest of the country.
Since that first investment, our portfolio has been growing in a sustainable manner and in 2005 we opened our first hotel outside the Azores Islands, the Hotel Açores Lisboa, in Lisbon.
Our trademark is the strong connection to the region and the quality of the service. All hotels are centrally located, and top quality with the highest ratings and accolades in the region. 
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