Gruben is an insurance provider, founded in 1979.
This company started off working exclusively with companies from the Bensaude Group, providing insurance consulting services. Since then, Gruben has extended its range of operations, servicing a wide group of clients across the Azores Islands and the Portuguese Mainland, although the majority of its clients are located in São Miguel Island.
The company’s growth has been due to several advances:
  • Since 2003, there has been a strong investment in training;
  • In 2007 Gruben updated its registration with the Insurance Institute of Portugal, integrating the category of Insurance Agency, thereby gaining authorization to market life and non-life insurance products;  
  • In 2008, with the Bensaude Group’s absorption of the Nicolau Sousa Lima Group, Gruben also started managing the client portfolio of insurance company DIANIPE - Mediadora de Seguros, Lda.
This company offers products from various insurance companies and focuses on highly specialized insurance management and consulting services.

GRUBEN does not only sell insurance, the team members are always focused on finding the best solution, offering the most suitable product for each client.
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