Varela Ambiente

Varela – Ambiente is a waste management company that provides several services: garbage collection, industrial cleaning, urban cleaning, recycling yards management and environmental consultancy.
Varela Ambiente
The environmental activity started in 2004. Currently, the company represents various nationwide entities, ensuring the collection of several typologies of residues throughout the archipelago. Varela-Ambeinte has a network of recycling yards, covering the entire Azorean archipelago.
The company is also responsible for the urban cleaning of the city of Ponto Delgada.

With a modern fleet of garbage collection vehicles, Varela assures the operation for collection of urban garbage, undifferentiated and recyclable solid garbage, as well as the operation of sorting packaging garbage and other recyclable fractions for subsequent recovery.
Varela - Ambente has a specialized team and is certificated in accordance with the following norms: NP EN ISO 9001; NP EN ISO 14001 e OSHAS 18001.
The high level of professional qualification and a set of modern and specialized equipment, allows the company to be present in every island, with the most efficient and suitable means, in order to intervene in any environmental crisis.  

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