INSCO is the leading retail chain in The Azores, representing and managing brands such as:
INSCO was founded in 1993, and became a part of Bensaude Group in 2007, which holds 80% of the company's share. The other shareholders are SONAE (10%) and Moagem Terceirense (10%).

To supply our consumers with products of excellence  at the best prices, INSCO works closely with the local market (supplemented by imports), and follows strict Quality Control and Food Safety Processes.

Local market 

INSCO works together with producers and growers in order to have more local goods in our stores. Working together with The Azores Growers Club, INSCO has been able to improve the quality of their products, by planning the different stages of the production and distribution process.


 INSCO’s import trade is based on a modern infrastructure located in São Miguel. This was a great investment that now enables the Company to provide high quality products in perfect conditions and sell them at a more competitive price. 

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